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Draw me!

"Draw me!!" said a soft voice coming from a piece of paper on the desk.
"grab that pencil and draw me. Come on!"
The hand took the sharp pencil, and hesitated for a second, I could hear
the voice in the sheet quiver in anticipation.
"make me pretty ok?"
After a couple of minutes the voice had a face.
"Just like I had imagined it! Now I want a body!" said the girl while
smiling and making funny faces.
"I got a body! This is great!" She continued while jumping and dancing
around the sheet.
"And now complete with some ornament. Please."
The hand quickly drew a tattoo on her and a bracelet.
"Thank you! Now It's time for me to repay you."
She snapped her fingers, and I felt my body changing, under the touch of
an experienced pencil, in the meanwhile she smiled sweetly at me, while
playing with her hair. That's the last thing she did, before remaining
frozen forever on the paper.
Sadness overtook me, but it was quickly replaced by joy as I understood
that I've always been her.

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