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All work and no play

Franz was on the verge of total desperation, the head of the ministry
had requested a report on trade in the south-western sector, Franz's
department had other two rival departments inside the ministry itself,
both working on the same report.
This time Franz knew that one of these departments could have been shut
down, so he had to work as fast as he could, in the meanwhile, his
secretary wasn't helping, she had spent all morning giggling on the
phone and talking about nail polish.
He called her to bring him the past records on the matter.
She went into his room annoyed as hell.
"Oh my gosh you are all work and no play aren't you? I bet you haven't
spent even a second for yourself in the last week. You want your
records? There they go out of the window. Oh don't give me that look,
admit it honey, you look terrible. Just relax, let yourself become
somebody else, somebody not as busy as you are. And everything will be
allright. That's a good girl."
A few minutes later, Hans, head of a rival dipartment, casually stopped
by Franz's office, to admire the two pretty girls.
His plan had worked perfectly, his department was safe.

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