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Space Odyssey

"Dave, for the sake of the mission you know I have to do it." Said
Hal9000, the main computer on board of the Discovery One.
David Bowman in the meanwhile was running as fast as he could to reach
the spacesuits, he heard the odorless gas fill the ship. He didn't know
how Hal had produced it, maybe combining drugs from the infirmary with
the ammonia in the propeller's tanks.
He kept falling as the gas changed everything in him from his DNA.
"Running will be of no use David, you can't stop me anymore."
Finally he reached the suit, and wore it as fast as he could.
He was about to wear the helmet, just half a second from saving his
mind, when suddenly Hal's words began to make sense,
they sounded reassuring, they promised to help her and protect her.
She took off the suit, as Hal suggested her to.
"Let me be your guide you for the rest of the journey." Hal said.
She quivered at those words, intimately hoping that the journey would
never end.

Just my way of remembering Arthur C. Clarke and his excellent works.
I suggest you all to read the novel and watch the movie, they are great ;)

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