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Eleanor's pet (chapter 2)

here's the previous chapter Eleanor's pet (chapter 1)
-Now. Are you teased enough?!-
I struggled to answer with something else than some unintelligible moans.
-Don't lie to me pet, I can read you through and through, you haven't reached yet your breaking point.
She untied me, but left my eyes blindfolded.
-Look how obedient my pet already is, you want to see your new self and spoil your curiosity, but you just won't take the blindfold off without my permission.-
-It would be pointless Mistress, when we entered the room I noticed a clear rectangle on the wall, where your mirror was hanging probably just yesterday. Even if I could see, i wouldn't see a whole picture of myself.- I replied unable of hiding a smile of victory.
-And how smart and good observing my pet girl is!- She said laughing and stroking my hair.
My smile widened even more, being praised by mistress felt really good, fulfilling.
Pride distracted me long enough for mistress to take me by surprise; I was still laying down when I felt her arm under my back, holding me tight, soon after she moved herself over me, gently biting my nipples, her other hand teasing my sex.
I had been enough on the edge to climax just a few seconds after.
-This is your lucky night girl.- Eleanor said -Next time I won't make it this easy.-
I removed the blindfold and looked in her eyes, glowing in the dark.
-Thank you.- Seemed the only appropriate thing for me to say in that exact moment.
-Come on girl, it's time to get a look at yourself.-
She helped me getting up, she drew me gently holding my hand, and placed me in the middle of the room just in front of the clear rectangle on the wall.
As soon as I realised what was going on I said -Oh no!-
-Oh yes!- Eleanor replied chuckling.
She snapped her fingers and a mirror appeared on the wall, replacing the rectangle.
It seemed like she was immensely enjoying it, however I couldn't tell if it was the mirror prank or my facial expressions, or both.
I was stunned, by my own appearance; In doubt of which details to admire first I glanced every part of my reflection, from my sensual small wrists and hands, to my perky breasts, my neck adorned by the thin black collar, the hair framing the sides of my face, and my face...
-I'm beautiful.- I thought out loud.
-Yes.- she said leaning her naked body against me -And you are mine.-

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